Apr 2, 2010

LED light bulb / LED 電球


I finally bought LED light bulbs I had wanted, since I needed them soon and could not wait any more time until the price gets lower, though I thought it's still expensive.

If that's for myself, I would not have bought them yet.
But that's for my roses, flowers, and plants in the SEPHA garden which have been making me feel happy always, soI wanted to show my thanks to them also with that.
During winter, I have used a few normal bare light bulbs to give them enough lights, with warming my room with released their heat as a side effect.
Then they flowered even in the midwinter, without heater.

But now it's Spring, the temperature outside is getting higher day by day, and my room also was getting a little too warmer with those bare light bulbs.
I was going to change all those bulbs to LED light bulbs sooer or later, since the LED bulbs releases very lower heat, safer, and very lower consumed power.

But the LED light bulb I want was not reasonable yet…

Yesterday Kallors in the SEPHA Garden seemed to feel depressed.
They (Kallors in 3 kinds of colors) used to be planted in a pot when I bought it, but I separately re-planted them into each pot in each color, since it seemed too small for them in that pot.
Then I have put each pot of those at a different corner in the SEPHA garden separately.

After I found that change of Kallors, I rearranged and replace all the roses, flowers and plants in the SEPHA garden, and I put 3 pots of Kallors next to each other, and I decided to buy also a LED light bulb to try it before my room gets really too warm with change of season, and bought it.
Then soon after I turned on a LED light bulb, I really felt they seemed to feel happier, since I could feel they started to glow more, and surprisingly the scent of roses filled my room more and more.
After all, I changed all the bare light bulbs to LED lights in the SEPHA garden.
My room is also in Spring now.









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